I'm open to many different ways of collaborating and delivering awesomeness to the world together.  

Here are a couple of configurations that I have been working on in the past. They are starting points for us to explore what makes sense for you, for me and for the experiences that we want to deliver. I'm always open to exploring new ways of coming together. (joining a DAO? board member? venture fund?) 

Bring a team

Leveraging my network of world-class designers I have had the pleasure to work with in the past (ex-IDEO/CIID/creative collectives/longtime freelancers) we will come together to help address a key topic of yours. It might be to define a new product, explore a future domain or help to widen the aperture of a current development effort. 

In these setups, I will work with you to scope the proper brief, identify the needed skillsets and then manage the complexity of bringing a design team together. Together we will work to deliver an exciting experience where we can balance the level of involvement from your side to be at the appropriate level. 

Join a team

I can join an existing team, either in-house or working with one of your clients. In this constellation, I often come in as a team-lead/head of UX helping to drive the product effort forward. I bring deep experience in leading creative teams helping to unblock and to deliver creative excellence. 

I will be looking for contexts where the team is empowered to drive change, have a horizon 2/3 focus and is design driven


I can come in to help guide your existing organisation taking a more holistic perspective on what works well and where things can change. I will draw from my decade of experience working in high-performing design teams sharing what works and what doesn't. 

This setup is most likely part-time and we will jointly define an engagement length that fits us. I don't believe that a 2-day course in for example design thinking can drive any meaningful change and I would be looking for deeper engagements. 

Excited to explore fractional CXO roles. 


For collaboration enquires please email with a short description of your thinking and we can jam together to define it further.