I have always been a strong believer in side projects. They are spaces that enable you to explore freely without constraints, many times primarily for the joy of making. 

Here I have collected some of them. Some silly, some practical, and some even useful. They are actively not related to my usual day-to-day work but much more often connected to my life outside of work. So family and to scratch a personal itch. If you do happen to be curious about any of them please drop me a line and I can share more, they are often open sourced or can be made. 


Inspired by bones and nature




Exploring some new shapes of lights. 


Layers on layers on layers.

Procedurally generated organic form study made in Blender in preparation for a new lamp series. See more here 

Continuation of procedurally generated shapes in Blender. This time taking it out into physical form through resin printing. 


Each Halloween needs a new theme. 2023 saw the 30th anniversary of Tim Burton's A Nightmare Before Christmas which made the decision easy. Jack Skellington was modeled, 3d printed, and brought back to life. 


With the energy prices soaring in Europe I felt the need to contextualize what the fairly abstract kWh meant. Interfacing with the European real-time pricing market enabled me to translate the current price into a "standard shower" which in turn made the number tangible and a bit of fun. At it's peak the website had 200+ daily active users and it was used as educational material in high schools to talk about the topic. 


When my daughter had a mushroom theme in school, I helped out with prototyping up a set of Chantarelles, Toadstools, and Champignons that were a bit more durable than their natural counterparts. 


Can we reinvent the classic hook? Ghost hook was my take on this utilizing a simple strap to make a non-destructive yet sturdy hook that can be used on any pole. Perfect for the patio, tree, or lamp post for that impromptu street party that you also want to have a proper wardrobe solution for. 


Light can be so much. It can add warmth, enable reading, or be a mood setter. With this lamp, I wanted to explore light as an information carrier and more precise to tell the weather. When it powers up it figures out where it is, pulls the latest forecast, and displays that using a spectrum of colored light. All are packaged in a custom laser-cut lamp shade to blend in with my home. 


Keycaps don't have to be practical to be great. Sometimes all you need is a little astrounat traversing your keyboard. Custom-made keycap and resin 3d printed. Part of my Etsy store I run together with my daughter selling a mix of these.